Container loading and export in Belgium

We at Depot44 are also widely experienced in container export and container loading in Belgium !

But why choose Depot44 for your business ?

  1. We have a wide range of contacts here in Belgium so we can provide you with everything you need.  We can source from vintage furniture, garden decoration, industrial to the more cheap range of furniture.
  2. We have our own warehouse to store your items and our own truck and vans to collect all your merchandise.
  3. We have a lot of experience in loading containers to all corners of the world.  In accordance with our clients we can individual pack all items or use a bulk method.
  4. We take care of all your paperwork and work with experienced shipping agents in the ports of Antwerp or Rotterdam; You can buy from a distance without ever setting foot in Belgium.  We will bring you in contact with trustworthy dealers so you can interact directly with them.
  5. We are close to the biggest antiques markets in Belgium (Waterloo and Tongeren) and can organise buying trips throughout Belgium, Holland and France.
  6. Why choose Belgium ?  Belgium is cheaper then the neighbouring countries, with a wider choose of goods ! Belgium is also the center for affordable antiques, bric à brac, household goods, vintage furniture, industrial antiques and much more… Come to Belgium to discover all its treasures.

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We are also specialised in working with auction houses.  We can offer Belgium antiques from 1900 till 1960 at very competitive rates, like setting prices on chairs and sofas per seat and selling household goods per kilogram.  Carpets, dressors, stacking chairs, bedrooms, dining suites. We have it.  Contact us !  We can even offer what’s app buying.  We go to dealers, we will photograph the items with prices and you decide instantly if you like to buy it or not.  A very good way to buy as you have 100 % control over the stock you buy !

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